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Pressure Washing ServicesPressure Washed Home in Newnan Georgia

Hot Pressure Solutions offers comprehensive pressure washing services for home, businesses and industrial needs.  Keep your home looking beautiful or your business looking enticing.  We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards and are not finished until you are completely satisifed.

Pressure Washing is effective for cleaning, restoring or beautifying:

  • Homes and other buildings – don’t let dirty siding degrade the visual appeal or reduce the value of your home.  Experts, real estate agents, remodelers and just about anybody that is involved with homes or buildings recommend at least a yearly cleaning of the home or building’s exterior.  Not only does this improve your curb appeal, it also protects the siding and paint from accumulations of mold or algae which eventually degrades the structure, the curb appeal and the value.  A stark difference between the home owner “Do It Yourself” process and the professional pressure cleaner is that we use the correct chemicals and keep the pressure low for your home’s or your building’s siding, thereby ensuring there is no damage done to the siding as well as ensuring no high pressure water is forced into the nooks and crannies of the building.  High pressure can damage siding and force water into the building’s foundation, setting up an unseen and undetectable environment for mold growth which can be extremely problematic.
  • Roof – a building or home’s roof should be approached with considerable care for cleaning.  High pressure can strip tiles and expose sub-decking of a roof, thereby compromising it’s ability to shed water.  Experience and knowledge of the best chemicals, heat and pressure allow Hot Pressure Solutions to clean your roof thoroughly without causing damage.
  • Sidewalks – unclean and slippery sidewalks are dangerous and unsightly.  Combine a clean sidewalk with a well kept front yard and a clean driveway and your home’s curb appeal will rise.  We clean sidewalks with a hot water from our surface cleaner which ensures a clean surface and no damage done to the sidewalk itself.
  • Driveways – oil stains and other blemishes accumulate over the years on driveways and in parking lots.  This is a common request from residential real estate agents to as a good driveway power washing dramatically improves a home’s curb appeal.  Driveways often accumulate algae which, over time, turns black and becomes slippery – a safety issue as well as having a negative impact on curb appeal.  Our surface cleaner machine focuses the cleaning only on the surface of the driveway or parking lot to ensure the pressure and heat won’t damage nearby objects and leaves the surface clean and free of gouging or chipping.
  • Decks – a good cleaning before the season starts and after the season ends keeps your deck beautiful and helps it last longer.  A deck’s exposure to moisture can result in algae and mold growth if not tended to correctly and experts recommend a good yearly cleaning.  Our processes ensure a thorough cleaning of your pool deck while at the same time ensuring none of the water or debris end up back in your pool.
  • Swimming pool skirts – cement or other types of surrounds for swimming pools should be cleaned on a regular basis for aesthetic as well as safety reasons.  Much of the same reasoning and process described in the Deck portion above apply to swimming pool skirts.
  • Fences – a dirty fence negatively affects the curb appeal of the entire building or home while a freshly cleaned fence brightens up everything around it.
  • Masonry – brick, flagstone, etc can all benefit from a good cleaning once or twice each year.
  • Off road vehicles and heavy equipment – heavy equipment such as tractors, backhoes, bulldozers, etc get dirty on a regular basis – it’s what they do.  A regular cleaning routine keeps them not only more presentable but also enables easier preventive maintenance as well as easier spotting of potential problem areas that could otherwise be covered up by mud or other debris.
  • …etc

Gutter Cleaning Services

Clean gutter Douglasville GeorgiaMost folks clean their gutters out when they notice water running over the edge during a hard rain (or maybe a squirrel has taken up residence).  We’ve seen enough clogged and damaged gutters to know that this practice is not optimum.  A clean gutter allows water to be diverted from places where it would otherwise damage the building.  We recommend a yearly gutter cleaning to protect the building’s siding and foundation. A gutter that is clogged with leaves causes water to run over the edge of the gutter and onto the siding.  This also allows water to pool along the bottom of a buildings foundation which is not a great idea.  Clean and functional gutters are essential in reducing or eliminating the damaging affects of water.

Cleaning gutters usually involves ladders and heights that many people are not overly fond of.  Cleaning gutters on a multiple story building is almost always best left to the experts due to the danger of falling as well as the tendancy to not do a complete job if you fear heights, bugs, etc.

Our gutter cleaning services will leave your gutters completely clean and debris free but we also ensure your downspouts are free flowing as well.  This is another often overlooked area as the gutters are easily visible but it can be difficult to detect a clogged downspout until the rain actually comes and you see there is no water flowing through.