Pressure Washing and Gutter Cleaning resources

Hot Pressure Solutions has taken the time to research our industry landscape and bring to you the very best material for your research.  Below you’ll find links to various sites, articles and blogs that contain information we think is important for us as well as our customers to understand.

We appreciate that prospective customers have very little reason to trust us up front so by providing this information we are giving them a means to double and triple check our approach.  For our existing customers…well, some still like to read and study this information.

So in the spirit of earning the trust of prospective customers and the ongoing loyalty of our existing customers, the below information is provided.  Enjoy!


Pressure Washers of North America (PWNA):  Representing power washing contractors ranging from aerospace cleaning, concrete cleaning, fleet washing, kitchen exhaust to wood restoration – and everything in between.  PWNA is the industry leader that creates the standards for environmental awareness, ethical business practices and overall safety that all PWNA members are required to follow.  Hot Pressure Solutions is a member of PWNA

United Associate of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC): Primarily an association focused on the success of  Mobile Contract Cleaners throughout the United States, the UAMCC is also a valuable resource for home owners and/or property managers to connect with insured and qualified professionals.

National Rain Gutter Contractors Association (NRGCA): Like the above organizations do for Pressure Washers, the NRGCA does the same for gutter cleaning professionals.  An important point about this organization is that they are focused on the contracting professional as well as the homeowner so this is a very good site to research the industry as a customer or a business owner.

National Association for Moisture Management (NAMM): Here’s an association that doesn’t directly impact or work with either Pressure Washing or Gutter Cleaning professionals, yet the subject does have a direct impact on both.  With a focus on mold prevention, mold remediation and it’s affects on the liveability of a building as well as the health of the inhabitants, the NAMM’s focus in critical to any homeowner or business owner where moisture is a consideration.


DiY or Hire a Professional?

Pressure Washing your Roof:  (Pressure Washing doesn’t necessarily mean “high” pressure.  When dealing with a roof, it’s important to proceed carefully)

Pressure Washing Your House

Pressure Washing Heavy Equipment

Flat Surface Concrete Pressure Washing


Health Effects of Mold and Indoor Dampness